Kit Hire and Large Format Printing

Kit Hire

I've been a full-time professional photographer and film-maker since 2001 so I have a kit room FULL of gear. Normally, I will select what gear is most useful for a job, and normally I come with the kit to operate. 

But if you want to hire kit separately, or if you want to know roughly what I've got...

Camera Systems

  • Hasselblad H3D-31ii medium format digital camera
  • RED Scarlet digital cine camera
  • Sony A7Rii full frame 35 mm camera system
  • Canon 7D APS-C system
  • Panasonic GH-4 micro four thirds system for stills and video
  • DJI Osmo+ mini gimbal system
  • Go-Pros and assorted other crash cams 

Plus a wide variety of lenses, batteries, support and grip kit to go with that.


  • Hensel PORTY 1200 lithium battery generators, plus heads and light formers
  • Hensel Integra and Contra mains flash lights
  • Arri Skypanel S60 LED light for cinema work
  • Arri L5C LED Fresnel
  • Softlights 3ft x 2ft bi-colour LED panel
  • Range of traditional tungsten Arri lights
  • Multiple smaller LED panels eg Gekko Kelvin tiles
  • Hensel 1000W tungsten and 150 W HMI lights


  • Sennheiser radio transmitter systems
  • Hypercardoid, shotgun, Lavalier mics
  • Booms, dougals, blimps, etc.
  • External sound recorders


  • C-stands
  • Kit stands galore
  • Dolly and track
  • O'Connor video fluid head and tripod
  • Gitzo/Arca Swiss carbon fibre stills tripod
  • DJI Ronin gimbal system

And a lot of miscellaneous kit like hazers, studio fans, MacBooks, etc..

The chances are I can cover your requirements for anything up to an including a low-budget feature film.


We have a sprawling grade II listed Georgian town house with integrated stone walled room and various other unusual features. Contact if interested


We have a live-in model (she's also a trained actor should you require a presenter). You can see her portfolio here


Hire cost

If you're just hiring kit, we'll need to work out a bespoke package.

You'll need to insure the kit while it is with you.

Please contact me to discuss.


Large Format Printing

I was looking for a large format photographic printer in Welshpool or Mid-Wales. Couldn't find one, so I bought a printer myself. It is an Epson 24" P6000 with ultra-chrome inks and it makes LOVELY prints. 

I can produce large prints for you.

But there are plenty of places on the web where you can send off TIFFs and have them print them for you. Finding one which will produce prints to your exacting taste- that's the tricky bit. 

What I offer is a bit different- come and hire my printer.

Bring a memory card or a laptop with your photos on it, plug it into my printer and print stuff yourself. Do a proof on A4 right there, tweak, check you are happy, then print large.

We can do up to A1, including printing on board or roll media.  We can print borderless on roll media too. 

Cost: £150 per day, plus consumables (ink and paper) at cost. 

Once you've been here and are happy with the profiles for your work of course, I can run future jobs off for you.




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