In my previous life as a particle physicist, I was a lecturer, a professional educator. Teaching is probably the thing I miss most about academia. 

To scratch the teaching itch I love to run photographic or film-making tutorials. 

We don't have a regular tutorial schedule at the moment, so if you are interested please CONTACT ME.


Tutorial Topics

I can run tutorials for you one-on-one, as a couple, or in small groups (maximum of four). I can also give talks or workshops for larger groups. The session will be tailored to your interests and requirements - typically including some of the following:


  • What does a camera do? How does it work?
  • First steps: taking ther camera off automatic
  • Light and dark: understanding highlight, shadows and dynamic range
  • What do the settings mean?
  • I know what shutter speed, ISO and aperture mean... but how do they affect the LOOK and FEEL of a photograph?
  • Lenses and focal lengths
  • Getting your gear right
  • Out and about shooting landscapes
  • Introduction to studio photography
  • Introduction to portrait photography
  • Lightroom, photoshop and post-processing
  • Lighting from square one: a dark room and one light
  • Adding more lights: lighting ratios and three-point lighting
  • The colour and quality of light: light modifiers and gels
  • Lighting patterns and advanced studio techniques
  • Getting started with Infra-Red photography
  • Introduction to astrophotography
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