Work - Hire Hywel

I am available for hire as a photographer or cinematographer.



  • Landscape, particularly catching fleeting moments of beautiful light in wild places
  • Fashion, especially fetish and vintage fashion
  • Portraiture, especially beauty shots (I've had more practice at filming women than men...)
  • Commercial



  • Commercial Video
  • Narrative Films, especially making the most of limited budgets
  • Landscape stock, as used by Channel 4
  • Web and viral videos


Large Format Printing & Kit Hire

See the hire page here.



My rates are simple: 

  • £300 per day for me and as much kit as I can fit into my car
  • plus travel expenses if outside my local area
  • plus van hire expenses if you need more kit than fits into my car

Some jobs also require pre-production days and days at the computer editing after the shoot. These are charged at £150 per day. 

I'll do you a package deal for multi-day shoots.



If you need a model, we happen to have a live-in one: Joceline (see her portfolio here)





P.S. ... What about weddings?

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